Acoustical Services

During the last 30 years our office has developed a nationwide reputation for technical excellence. We are thorough in meeting regulations and in preparing complete and accurate documents, and are effective in speaking and listening to the public.
Our office includes 8 people, 6 of which are full-time, in-house, senior acoustical engineers. We are associated, on a permanent basis, with technical, production and support staff, as required by specific project needs.
We are, by far, the best-equipped acoustics and vibrations laboratory in Israel. We have the capability to make simultaneous, detailed, long-term measurement at 10 locations with 6 channels producing spectral analysis at any required bandwidth. We have 6 computer workstations with all the latest versions of the software that is required to calculate and predict noise for airports, heliports, trains, road traffic and industrial plants and areas. In addition we have proprietary software, developed by us, for our own use, to handle complex problems and to facilitate data reduction.
Following is a representative list of clients and projects in our main areas of work. Full list will be delivered upon request.
Acoustic Measurements
Acoustic measurements form the basis for the description of the noise and vibration climate, in which we live and operate. They are also the anchors for all calculations and prediction of the future climate that results from implementation of development plans. Since, in many cases, the future design goals and criteria are based on the existing acoustic environment, accurate and comprehensive measurements are essential in order to define the noise abatement needs of the projects and to insure the best possible benefit to noise ratio. Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art, professional measurement systems that allow us to measure both temporal and spectral characteristics of noise and vibrations from all sources for any length of time. All our measurement systems are capable of storing and processing long term data for subsequent analysis on our work stations.
Our in-house systems include:
   *      4 Larson Davies model 870 Noise Analyzers
   *      3 Larson Davies model 2900 dual channel Real time Spectrum Analyzers
   *      3 All weather microphones systems
   *      Noise production systems
   *      Proprietary and commercial noise and vibration data reduction software.
Transportation Systems
As transportation planning moves increasingly into intermodal planning and design, our office addresses noise problems for multiple systems within a common geographic area. Our office offers noise and vibration control solutions for existing transportation systems and provides design solutions for new facilities both during and after construction.
Our office regularly evaluates both operational and construction noise and vibration impacts for transportation projects related to airports, highways, rail transit systems and ports as well as for other public works projects. These projects typically involve baseline measurements to characterize existing noise and vibration sources, projections of future conditions, assessment of impact based on applicable regulatory requirements and appropriate criteria, and the recommendation of practical measures to mitigate impacts, if needed. We are experienced at preparing documentation for environmental impact statements and reports and communicating effectively with the public at project meetings and forums and with all the levels of the planning establishment.
Aviation and Airport Noise
·    Masterplans and Outline Schemes
·    Environmental Impact Statements
·    Noise Monitoring Systems
·    Noise Contour Generation
·    Noise Abatement Procedures
·    Ground Operation Noise
·    Engine and Aircraft Run-up Pads
·    Sound Insulation Studies

Our office solves environmental noise and vibration problems from aviation sources, and has projects at airports in all regions of Israel. We serve as the permanent noise consultants to the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) since 1978, and to the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) since 1997. We have developed a nation-wide reputation for technical excellence, thorough familiarity with relevant regulations and review processes, deep understanding of airport and aircraft operations and an unusual capability to communicate effectively with the public.
Representative projects:
Israel Airports Authority -
National Outline Schemes
TMA/4/2 Ben Gurion Airport - Environmental Impact Statement, Plan Regulations, Contour Development, Home Insulation
Scheme, Guide for Acoustic Insulation, Land use Zoning,Members of the IAA Masterplans Team,.        TMA/4/2/a Ben Gurion Airport Land-side Development Plan - Environmental Impact Statement, Plan Regulations, Guide for                            Noise Sharing Policy, Detailed Analysis of Noise from Plan         Elements, Members  of the IAA Masterplans Team,
Ben-Gurion Airport Noise Monitoring System - Full specification, Review of Proposals and Acceptance Tests.
Numerous Projects Related to Noise and Vibration Around Ben-GurionInt’lAirport, and the Airports of Tel-Aviv (Municipal), Herzlia, Eilat, Haifa, Rosh-Pina.
Litigation and Expert Testimony - Several Supreme Court and lower courts Depositions Related to Ben Gurion and HerzliaAirports.
Other Aviation Projects - Environmental Impact Statements and  Analysis for the local airstrips of Lavi, Mateh-Asher, Carmiel, Afik,  Ramat-Hakovesh, Sky-Club Parachuting Strip.
Road Traffic Noise and Vibrations

·    Environmental Impact Assessment
·    Noise Barrier Design and Priority
·    Monitoring Systems
·    FHWA's Stamina, Optima and TNM Computer Models
·    Courses and other Computer Models
Our office has managed the noise and vibration portions of highway projects throughout Israel. Our clients include engineering firms engaged in environmental studies and detailed highway designs, the Public Works Department (MAAZ), the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Environmental Quality, the Cross Israel Highway Company, Ayalon Highways Company, Netivei Carmel, Moriah (Jerusalem Development Corporation), municipalities and private homeowners.
Representative projects:
Cross Israel Highway -Ben-Shemen Interchange, Kaneh Interchange, Section 19
MAAZ - Freeways 1 (Lod and Moza Interchanges), 4 (Ashdod Interchange)
Suburban Freeways 412, 431, 461, 531, 551,
Main Roads 40 (Tayasim Interchange), 90, 73, 4313.
Moriah Jerusalem Development Company -
Road No. 4 Center and North, Road No. 1, Road No. 5 (Railway Bridge), Roads 4 and 9 Interchange Project, Road No. 9,
Ayalon Highways Company - Ayalon South (Wolfson Hospital and Alon Section), Ha’Gvura-Aluf Sadeh Section, Netivei Carmel -
Ha’Shimshon Road, Wadi Rushmia Bridge, Nahal Gedora Highway.

Kiriat Ono Municipality -Review of Environmental Statement and Critique of Road 471,                      Barrier Design at Ben-Gurion and Kazir Streets,
Ramat-Efal Municipality - Road No. 4 Noise Analysis and Mitigation Ministry of Housing -                       Detailed Design of Jerusalem Entrance Tunnel.
Rail and Urban-Rail Noise and Vibration
·    Urban Rail Transit Systems
·    Inter-City and Commuter Rail Systems
·    Guidance Documents and Publications
·    Barrier Design
Our office is active in all phases of major rail projects, including: system planning, alternative analysis, preparation of environmental impact statements, preliminary engineering, final design and construction. We are the permanent consultants to the IsraelPortand Rail Authority (PRA) since 1993. We were instrumental in formulating the noise policy for PRA and responsible for drafting the National Rail Noise Regulations, following an in-depth analysis of the international practices, the needs and plans of the authority and the economic implication of the proposed regulations.
Our office is also responsible for the noise and vibration analysis section of the evaluation of alternatives for the Tel Aviv Mass Transit System and for the Red-Line acoustic analysis.
Representative Projects:
Environmental Impact Statements or Acoustic Documents (Noise and Vibration) -
Haifa-Benyamina Line (Second Track),
Tel Aviv-Kfar Saba Suburban Rail Project
Tel Aviv-Lod Line (Second Track),
Lod-Rehovot Line (Second Track),
Rehovot-Ashdod Line,
Rishon-Le’zion Extension Line,
Ben-Gurion Airport Extension Line,
Train Stations at Tel Aviv (University and Hagana), Rehovot, Atlit, Hof-Ha’carmel,
Freight Trains Noise In Tel Aviv Ayalon Corridor and North Tel Aviv
Vibration Analysis -
Be’er Sheba Residential Area,
Rosh-Ha’carmel Church and Residential Area,
Rail Noise Regulations -
Drafting of Regulations for Rail Noise,
Manual for Rail Noise and Vibration Calculation and Prediction.
Tunnel Noise and Vibrations -
Modi’n, Petah-Tikva, Kfar-Saba.
Other Areas of Expertise

Many projects and jobs in the fields of:
·        Marine and Port noise,
·        Architectural Acoustics,
·        SportCentersand Stadiums,
·        Building Acoustics,
·        Industrial Acoustics and Vibrations,
·        Noise Policy and Regulations,
·        Legal and Expert Opinions.
Details upon request.